4 Extremely Helpful #Events Infographics

Author / Mark Breen
09 Oct ‘18
We've produced some handy infographics over the years under our Cuckoo Events brand and we've collated them together here for ease of access. They deal with using radios on events, weather, general safety and safety of inflatables and bouncy castles.

These infographics are used all over the world, with some having been tweaked by us for certain markets and languages over the years too.

We've had good feedback on them so, if they're helping people run safer events, then we're happy. 

Feel free to use them. They're all linked below as compressed PDFs, so the file sizes aren't huge either.


13 Safety Considerations for Events of All Sizes


17 Overlooked Ways Weather can Affect Your Event


Using Bouncy Castles and Inflatables at Your Events


Using Radios at Events


If there are any other infographics or resources you'd like to see us produce, do get in touch. Fire me a mail to mark AT We're always looking to add value and create things actually of us to #eventprofs and, in particular, those of us working in #eventsafety and #crowdsafety.