4 Useful Tools To Address Weather Affects At Your Event

Author / Mark Breen
18 Mar ‘17
There are loads of tools out there that can help you, many are similar to the ones below. These are ones we have experience with.

Wind Guru

This was one of the first weather apps for events we were ever introduced to and we still find it very useful.

We've used it to give us a heads-up on incoming weather fronts on two events in particular. One of those resulted in us shutting down stages and tents at an Irish festival in advance of things getting very dangerous.

There's a free version and a paid version and, in our experience, it's quite accurate.

Check it out here


We use the Metcheck weather forecast as the one we include in our EMP drafts as we've found it very accurate.

You can use and others but we have found that, for a snapshot of general broad-stroke weather conditions, Metcheck is the way to go.

There are, of course, loads of weather apps and services available.

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If you're involved in running events and ensuring people are safe at them - especially outdoor ones but not ONLY outdoor ones, then you could do worse than invest in an anemometer.

Being able to accurately monitor and record the changes in wind speeds can be a very important element of an outdoor show, in particular.

Get thee to Google

Storm Radar

The Storm Radar app is brought to you by the people behind Weather Underground. It bills itself as a 'sever weather app' and we've used it on occasion and have found it quite useful. 

If you are expecting extreme weather or you know there's a chance something might be blown over your way then this can be a handy way of monitoring it to see if you need to take any action.

Check it out here

The bottom line

We've written about how weather can significantly affect your event and it's important to remember a couple of things:

  • That does NOT just apply for outdoor events
  • Proper planning and monitoring can mitigate against most of the negative effects the weather might have on your event

Do you know of any other resources that could be helpful?

Let us know below.