Safe Events Director Named In Global '40 Under 40' List

Author / Mark Breen
11 Dec ‘18
Chosen by a panel of judges to be included in 'Health & Safety at Work's 40 Under 40' out of 160 entries, Mark Breen, Director of Safe Events, has been recognised for his contribution to our industry.

Mark joins 39 other professionals in receiving this industry-honour with New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Canada, Australia, India and more being represented. Mark is the only Irish recipient.

You can read about all the recipients here.

Health and Safety at Work is the official magazine of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM). Both Mark and Martin in here are members of IIRSM.

Mark is a Specialist Member of IIRSM and holds the designation SIIRSM RSP. He has proven his commitment to maintaining his professional competency by gaining the RSP designation (Recognised Safety Practitioner) at the earliest possible opportunity. He keeps this designation through his proactive involvement in training, content creation, attendance at CPD events and more. 

References for Mark in support of his nomination to the Health and Safety at Work 40 under 40 included:

His MSc work has been innovative, adding to the general understanding of accident causality and classification for crowd-related incidents.

[Mark is a] great role model, great communicator...with an outstanding reputation for event delivery.

Commenting on having been included, Mark said:

This is a lovely achievement for me personally but reflects very much our ethos here in Safe Events. We strive to be the absolute best at what we do. Our Mission is on our website for everyone to see - to provide clients with world-class Crowd & Event Safety services, underpinned by experience and qualifications, delivered by the best Team in the industry. 

Alongside that, we try to do what we can to improve the industry and to help others run safer events, whether they will ever be engaging professionals like ourselves or not. Whenever we hang up our boots, as it were, we want to genuinely feel like we've had a little positive impact on the industry.

I'd like to congratulate the 160+ people nominated and, of course, the 39 others joining me on the list. As a global representative organisation for people working in Risk and Safety, the IIRSM membership is truly international and it's no mean feat for us all of us to be considered somewhere near the top of our respective fields. 

Mark is one of the co-founders of Cuckoo Events Limited, which operates Safe Events as a distinct brand alongside Cuckoo Events. Having established the company in late 2012 along with Martin Cullen, Mark has helped guide the company's development, which sees them regularly planning and managing events on the scale of Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann, which saw 500,000+ people descend on Drogheda this year, as well as working internationally in Safety Management roles on various large-scale festivals and more. 

What Mark and Martin are most proud of, however, are the ways in which the Safe Events Team engages with the #events industry, locally and globally, in an ongoing effort to help make events safer, everywhere.

From their FREE Lost Child Wristbands initiative, to sitting on external industry validation panels for new Event Management courses, from developing helpful infographics through to #EventSafetyMadeSimpler videos, from co-chairing and presenting at industry conferences to running Practical Skills Workshops in various colleges and universities, from writing a regular 'Safely Does It' column for IFEA to contributing to academic textbooks and much, much more - the Safe Events Team loves what they do and loves the industry they're in.

They've also recently started working with industry experts in their respective areas to publish Guest Blogs on

You can read more about the process undertaken by the judging panel here