Attendee Feedback On Our First Public Introduction To Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis Course

Author / Mark Breen
27 Feb ‘17
Some of the feedback below is unsolicited i.e. comments on social media etc. while some feedback was gathered through a short feedback form attendees completed online in the weeks after the course.

Unsolicited feedback

The majority of these comments were made on LinkedIn in the days following the conclusion of the course.

Feedback form responses

We asked all attendees to fill in a short form after the course to let us know what they thought of the 3 days, whether they felt they'd use the tools in the real world etc. We also asked for a comment / testimonial if they were happy to give one.

These are some of those responses.

Dan Forster, Inspector, Avon & Somerset Constabulary (UK Police) says:

This is a really engaging course for anyone interested in Event Safety. The tools that are introduced on the course provide a common framework that can be applied by event professionals and local authorities alike. 

From a policing perspective, to see those tools used effectively in Event Safety plans, provides a level of confidence that event managers are taking public safety seriously.


David Rock, CEO of RocDoc and Festimed UK & IRL had this to say:

Extremely good course, well recommended for anyone involved in the event industry planning stages.

An absolute credit to Safe Events / Cuckoo for introducing this to Ireland which will hopefully standardise processes in the Irish industry.

Such a great course for even the seasoned event organisers.


Ruth McDonagh, Account Manager at Titan Experience enjoyed the course:

The Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis course was not only educational, but it was interesting and engaging. A tough three days of learning with lots of information thrown at you, however the format was interactive which allowed personal input from everyone in attendance.

Personally, I found it very beneficial to my own application of event safety for a number of reasons: 1. To know that I was actually already applying a lot of the processes without the actual templates and 2. To learn about the templates and how to best use them so as to be more prepared in advance of potential risks at events. Finally, 3. To meet some incredible events people who were more than willing to share their knowledge and experience to benefit the learnings of others in the room.

The final point being something I believe is amiss within the Irish Events Industry. We need to share our experiences more so that the industry as a whole can learn from them.


Tomas Mangan, Lecturer in GMIT shared the following thoughts:

I attended a structured and concise programme on the pertinent areas associated with crowd safety and management.

This programme exposed me to contemporary issues, best practice and most importantly methodological approaches that can be employed by event managers to manage crowds in a safe and efficient manner.

The programme filled a knowledge gap not only with a theoretical understanding and practical application of solutions to scenarios but a networking opportunity with event professionals that contextualised learning.


Here are Darragh McAdam's thoughts after the 3 days:

For a number of years I have been involved in an event safety capacity for an annual music festival. Like many others I have no formal event management or safety qualifications. I have been on the look out for some training that would provide some backing to the years of learning on the job and ‘industry experience’ acquired.

I found the Crowd Safety & Risk Analysis Course gave excellent context to some of the practices I have been taken for granted.

But more importantly the Course opened my eyes to many other issues that I wasn’t addressing. This will not only help me run a safer event, but reduce the Festival’s and indeed my own exposure to litigation should an incident of any scale happen.


Jim Aughney, Race Director of the Dublin Marathon & Series Director for the Race Series reckons:

The course gave me a better upstanding of the tools mentioned. They will be very useful in planning our next event.

All people involved in the statutory process should attend training like this.


Stephen Dempsey attended the course and says:

This course re-engaged my thought process and reasoning behind what I'm looking at and what I'm looking for on site and in EMP's.

It stirred up some new ideas and brought to light things that may not have always been considered.


Gigi Simoliunaite is a final year event management student and attended the course. Here's her feedback:

I would absolutely recommend this course for every event professional, no matter how experienced. The content delivered by Prof. Dr. G. Keith Still was excellent and the tools learned on the course form a strong basis for better, safer events where crowds are concerned.

Well done to Safe Events team for organising such a great course and for creating an opportunity for event professionals to learn and raise safety standards in Ireland. It was great to see so many experienced people willing to learn and share their own knowledge alike.


Fintan Byrne, An Garda Siochana kept it short and sweet:

Great course.

Great introduction to crowd science.

Bottom line

The first course went really well. You can read more about that first course here.

We've an interest list for future course. People on the list hear about and get the opportunity to book on the course ahead of general release to the public. You can sign up here.