Safe Events Hosts Sold-Out Crowd Psychology Masterclass

Author / Mark Breen
18 Feb ‘20
Over 30 (mostly) Irish event professionals attended our 1st-ever Crowd Psychology for Crowd Safety Management with Prof. John Drury.

Here at Safe Events we were delighted to host Prof. John Drury as he delivered his Crowd Psychology for Crowd Safety Management Masterclass to 30+ attendees here in Ireland for the first time ever.

The 30th and 31st January 2020 saw us in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Golden Lane for 2 day of learning around the psychology of crowds and how to harness it to better plan and manage safe events.

Meet Prof. Drury

Prof. Drury is Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Sussex, UK. He has published over 70 peer-reviewed journal articles on crowd behaviour. He has researched some of the world's major events and crowd incidents including the Hajj, the Hillsborough disaster, the London bombings of July 7th 2005 and many more.

He teaches Crowd Psychology to the UK Fire and Rescue Service as part of National Resilience training. His work with Public Health England on CBRN mass decontamination is included in international guidance. He is also currently the editor of the British Journal of Social Psychology.

Meet the attendees

We've wanted to have Prof. Drury deliver for us here in Ireland for a number of years but we needed to be sure the time was right. We've been encouraged in recent years when we've run other courses as well as our Talking Shop seminars and we felt the time had come and that Prof. Drury's Masterclass would be well-received. 

We were correct. The Masterclass was over-subscribed and we've had people get in touch since wondering when it'll be run again.

Attendees came from a broad cross-section of the industry here as well as from abroad with Belgium, the UK and Holland represented.

Roles / organisations represented by our attendees included:

  • Members of An Garda Siochana
  • Event Medical providers 
  • Event Organisers
  • Members of Dublin Fire Brigade
  • Event Security Providers
  • Event Management / Production companies
  • Freelance Event Safety professionals
  • Event Management lecturers
  • Event Safety consultants
  • Senior staff from multiple national representative organisations

Learning from one another

One of the most enjoyable and satisfying elements of the 2 days was how everyone interacted. We had members of An Garda Siochana who were happy to give insights into how they approach policing for crowds and their rationale behind the approaches they take. We had experienced Event Safety Officers outlining their thinking behind some weighty decisions. 

Attendees were quick to engage and offer insight and opinion and that the of engagement provides superb value for everyone in the room.

Coming soon

We're not sure exactly when we will be running this Masterclass again but I can't imagine it will be too long.

Prof. Drury was very well-received and we've had numerous inquiries already. 

You can join this mailing list to hear specifically about this Masterclass next time we're running it.

Here is a brief outline of the topics covered:

  • Introduction to Crowd Psychology for Crowd Safety Management
  • How People Behave in Emergencies: from vulnerability to collective resilience
  • Using Group Psychology in Communication
  • 'Personal Space' in Static and Moving Crowds
  • Crowds & Conflict
  • Working with Identities and Norms to Facilitate Collective Self-Regulation
  • Managing Crowd Behaviour for Effective Mass-Casualty Decontamination in a CBRNe Incident