News Wins Design Award. . . Randomly

Author / Mark Breen
21 Apr ‘21
We received an email recently letting us know that the good folks at Design Rush had deemed our website award-worthy in the 'Best Website Design' category. We didn't enter the site for consideration so it was a nice surprise.

It was a nice way to end a Friday and very much appreciated.

We are very proud of our website. 

We wanted it to work well for us and it did, from the jump.

I'm a firm believer in your website needing to turn away people as much as attracting people.

Not every potential customer is a customer we want to work with. We are not the supplier for many customers. They will be happier with a different supplier. Our website helps us out and helps them out. If the vibe they get from our site doesn't suit them, then they move on to the next option. 

That works for everyone.

In assessing the website, Design Rush noted:

Taking light of a serious business, Safe Events employs a colorful and simplistic web platform to share their company with users. The wide negative space and vibrant colors make for an easy viewing experience, where users can dive into the company’s benefits.

The credit for our website - as well as the Cuckoo Events website, which we've been VERY much neglecting. . .  - goes to Zanya Dahl and the team at Artizan Creative. 

I don't believe Artizan is still in operation, as I think Zanya has moved on to pursue personal creative interests. 

You can actually check out her (fantastic!) paintings over at

What they achieved, with both our (multi-award-winning) websites, is extremely impressive.

We've won:

  • Eircom Spider
  • Web Awards - multiple, across many years
  • Design Rush Award

This site is 4 years old at this stage and, from a design perspective, is still being recognised.

Fair play, Zanya and co., and thank you Design Rush.

You can read the published critique of our site here.