Safe Events Supporting Dublin Pride Bid For EuroPride 2022

Author / Mark Breen
20 Aug ‘19
Dublin Pride is one of 5 cities bidding to host EuroPride 2022, with Safe Events as a key partner, having worked with the Dublin Pride team since 2015 on Dublin Pride each year.


We were fortunate enough to work with Jed and the team in Dublin Pride on the Dublin Pride Festival in what was the historic year of 2015. Since then we've helped them to plan and manage the Festival each year as it continues to grow and develop into a celebration that is the envy of many a city worldwide.

We are proud to be working with Dublin Pride long into the future, with Euro Pride 2022 having been a goal in recent years.

We believe the team has put forward a very strong bid and we are all hopeful that we'll be given the challenge 

The Finalists

In what will be the 30th EuroPride celebration, the 2022 hosting honours is a battle between:

  • Dublin Pride
  • Barcelona Pride
  • Belgrade Pride
  • ILGE Portugal rede ex aequo and Variações (Portugal)
  • Winter Pride Maspalomas, Spain

You can check out the Dublin Pride bid here

The process

This is the first time that 5 bids have reached the final stages, which is testament to how much the LGBTQ movement has developed over recent years. All bids will be presented at the Euro Pride Annual General Meeting in Bilbao in September.

Members will then vote on which city they feel should be awarded the honour. Each full member organisation of the Association has one vote. Voting takes place in rounds, with the bid with the fewest votes being excluded in each round. The winning bid is the first to achieve more than 50% of votes.

The bottom line

We're crossing fingers and toes and hoping to get the opportunity to plan an amazing EuroPride event for 2022 here in Dublin. 

We feel that the Dublin Pride team deserves that opportunity, given the amount of work they have done over the years to bring Dublin Pride to where it is today.