Safe Events Directors Attend First Event Counter-Terrorism Risk Management Course

Author / Mark Breen
20 Mar ‘18
Martin and Mark travelled to the Fire Service College in the UK recently to attend the first ever Event Counter-Terrorism Risk Management (EvCTRM) course.

The week-long course saw attendees from local authorities, stadiums, security companies and more, with Mark and Martin being the only Irish professionals on it.

The course

The course was developed to mirror the course the UK Police CT SECCOs receive. These are the dedicated Counter-Terrorism Security Coordinators. Officers working as SECCOs are charged with assessing the risks to events arising out of terrorism activity and to advise accordingly.

This public course was developed and delivered by the retired police trainers who are still retained as civilian associates to train the police SECCOs. 

There is an exam on site at the end of the week-long course and we also have to submit an Event Counter-Terrorism Risk Management Plan in order to pass the course and be placed on the EvCTRM register. 

The instructors

Specialist instructors in a wide variety of subject areas were on hand across the week to extensively cover topics including:

  • The ever-changing threat picture
  • The role of the Counter-Terrorism Risk Manager
  • Establishing the risk
  • IEDs including SIEDS, VBIEDS and more
  • CBRN weapons
  • Vehicle-based attacks
  • Search planning and procedures
  • Infrastructural and HVM options 
  • Hostile Reconnaissance Disruption

The experience

Mark and Martin thoroughly enjoyed the course. The learning derived from both the instructors as well as the others on the course was significant. 

While the threat picture in Ireland is quite different to that of the UK, CT considerations are key for events in Ireland and Mark and Martin will now be incorporating more enhanced CT considerations into client events moving forward. 

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