Safe Events Director Appears On #EventIcons Show

Author / Safe Events
06 Jun ‘19
Mark Breen, Safe Events Director, recently appeared on the #EventIcons show hosted by Endless Events discussing all things #eventsafety related. Mark joined Alan Kleinfeld on the show to field viewers' questions and more.

You can watch the show here.

You can also find the 166 previous episodes of #Eventicons over here. There have been some great conversations on the show over the years.

Both Alan and Mark advised on a range of resources that could aid you in planning safe events. They discuss how to get started in writing a plan and where you might find some help to do so. They both give their Top Tips and both agree to go on the show again, given the amount of questions that were coming in that couldn't all be answered in a single one-hour show. 

P.S. Mark ended up being in the store room in our office for this, as the beautiful backdrop of our board room was deemed to have a seriously problematic echo.