#EventInsights Webinar Series Schedule

Author / Mark Breen
05 May ‘20
Our #EventInsights webinar series features some amazingly experienced event professionals, all giving freely of their time and experience to introduce you to some fascinating, niche areas of the event industry.

Below is the current programme of webinars. We are regularly adding to the programme, as we confirm more sessions with presenters. 

Check back regularly to see the newly-added webinars. You are guaranteed that the programme on this page will always be up-to-date and include all confirmed webinars. 

We are working on some sessions that are not included in the graphics below yet but will be added as details get confirmed. 

Graphics that are greyed-out are ones we are working to get scheduled. You can not register for them while they are greyed-out. 

Please note

We've had a number of calls, texts, LinkedIn messages etc. in the last couple of days about this so we said we'd make it very clear here:

These webinars are FREE to attend. 

There are some costs involved in the tech and there is a WHOLE lot of time involved, but the people delivering sessions and ourselves here in Safe Events are giving our time freely. 

ACTAVO Events are supporting us and paying for the tech so you can all enjoy these webinars for free. We'd like to sincerely thank Paul Griffin and ACTAVO for the support. We've invested in tech so we can fit the 300+ people who have registered for some webinars into the room and are not capped at 100 or similar.

Here is the rest of the key info:

  • You need to register for each webinar individually. 
  • Capacity is limited for each webinar.
  • The date and time for each webinar is in the bottom-right of the graphics.
  • All times are GMT+1 (local time in Dublin, Ireland)
  • Webinars are scheduled for 60 - 90 minutes each. 
  • There is one topic per webinar. 


Click on any of the graphics below to be taken directly to the registration page for that webinar.

All the webinars in this initial series have now taken place. Recordings are available by clicking on each of the graphics below.