Safe Events Director Presents to Inaugural Irish IIRSM Branch Meeting

Author / Mark Breen
16 Mar ‘18
Mark was delighted to be invited to speak at the inaugural meeting of the Irish branch of IIRSM. He presented a session entitled 'Introducing Key Risk Management Tools for Running Safe Events'.


Multiple senior Safe Events staff have been members of International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) for a number of years now. 

IIRSM is the independent charity providing practical support to everyone involved in managing risks to benefit people, society, governments and business. It is a collaborative and accessible professional body, led by the members.

Everything we do in planning and managing events is underpinned by the management of risk. It's what we do all day every day.

As such, becoming active members of IIRSM was in important part of our development both individually and for the business. 

Mark has achieved SIIRSM RSP designation, meaning he is a Specialist member of the institute and has a CPD (Continuous Professional Development) record that sees him having achieved the RSP (Recognised Safety Practitioner) designation. 

The tools

Mark chose to present on the tools we use every day in assessing and managing risk. 

Key among those are the DIM-ICE Meta Model and Risk Mapping, which we've written about before and which you can see at the links there.

Mark also introduced some others on the day. 

The meeting

There were around 14 people at the first meeting, which is a good start. 

Terence Morrissey from the RNLI spoke about 'Safety initiatives to enhance the safety culture journey', which was fascinating. The way the RNLI have gone about changing the culture internally is commendable. 

You can see Mark's presentation entitled Key Risk Management Tools For Running Safe Events on the IIRSM website.

We all really enjoyed the event and look forward to continuing to participate in IIRSM and our commitment to remaining at the top of our field.