Have You Some Event Industry Insight To Share?

Author / Mark Breen
19 Apr ‘20
We're looking to run some webinars designed to give people insight into various elements of the event industry, aimed at #eventstudents, people graduating into the industry, early-career #eventprofs.

The idea

I articulated this over on LinkedIn recently when thinking out loud late one night. Check that post out here

We're basically thinking that there are so, so many event professionals with insight, experience and knowledge to share with people who might benefit from it. We think there could be a good audience for some short webinars delivered by event professionals. 

While there is a LOT of activity going on currently with experienced event industry professionals sharing, I guess we are looking to do similar for people about to graduate into the industry, people early in their careers, maybe people involved in one or two events annually but who don't work full-time in events etc. 

Basically - we'd be looking at sessions introducing the basics / core concepts of various topics. There's probably scope then, depending on demand, to do an intermediate session, maybe an advanced one. We can see how it goes.

Topics being suggested so far include:

  • How many people will fit at my event?
  • Introduction to Risk Assessments for events
  • Running Events for Local Authorities 
  • Introduction to Stage Management
  • What Happens backstage at a Festival?
  • What Does a Production Manager do?

We think we're calling this '#eventinsights webinars' as we've not come up with anything more clever yet. 

Want to deliver a session?

As silly as this might sound coming from us (we see the irony!), a lot of webinars and training in our industry involves the same (generally good!) people delivering. 

We are thinking there are some really experienced people among us with great insight to share who maybe wouldn't normally / regularly do so. This could be the opportunity perhaps?

All you'll need are:

  • A topic and some experience to share in some sort of structured manner - slides with key points for example
  • A computer, a decent internet connection and access to ZOOM

These likely won't be the most polished of presentations and that's fine. They're not supposed to be. Of course, you could be experienced and may put the rest of us to shame. That's fine too. As long as those tuning in are getting benefit from it then that's what matters.

If you're interested in maybe getting involved and delivering a session, fill in this short form and we'll be in touch. 

Want to tune in to these sessions?

If you think what we're trying to do here might interest you, then sign up to this list and we will be sure to let you know when we are running these, if they come together. 

Also, if you have any suggestions as to session topics that would be interesting pop us a mail to