Introduction To Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis Course Announced For November 2017

Author / Mark Breen
04 Mar ‘17
The number of people on the Waiting List from the first course and Interest List for future courses led us to schedule this course sooner than we had expected.

The first course in February went really well and the demand for another one has been strong.

We have people from around Europe specifically looking to do the course here so that's encouraging. We had 2 people travel over from the UK for the course in February too.

You can check out all the details on the course here in this PDF.

Booking a place

You can book onto the course here.

Up until 31st March 2017, only people with Advance Application codes from a previous attendee can book onto the course. 

From 1st April to 31st May Early Bird tickets will be available.

General Attendance tickets then go on sale from 1st June, if there is space left.

People on the Interest List will get an early opportunity to avail of Early Bird tickets too.

You can sign up to the Interest List here.

An insight

Check out this blog post on the 1st course.

You can read feedback from attendees on the previous course here.

The bottom line

The more people that attend courses like this, the safer events will be.

We're working on a number of fronts to make events safer and this is just one of those. 

If you're interested in this or anything else Event Planning or Crowd related then feel free to get in touch