IOSH 'Working Safely at Events' Course Now Available Publicly With Safe Events

Author / Mark Breen
27 Mar ‘21
Safe Events is now offering an IOSH-certified 'Working Safely at Events' course, which is a LIVE, 1-day, online course involving an assessment to secure certification.

This is a course we have been offering in-house for clients for a while.

It has always gone well, with feedback and outcomes being really positive.

Outcomes from our most recent in-house course for a National Sporting Organisation include:

  • All attendees passed the IOSH assessment with scores ranging from 86% to 98%.
  • 35% increase in attendees' understanding of relevant Health & Safety Legislation, according to the attendees themselves.
  • 37.5% increase in attendees' skill base for writing Risk Assessments , according to the attendees themselves.

We felt it was time to offer the course publicly.

We think this is a solid grounding in Hazards, Risks and Risk Assessments for people not charged with working in risk and safety full time.

Course Outline

The course runs for 1-day (approximately 8 hours), including generous breaks and a 1-hour lunch break too.

We also fit in a Mock Assessment ahead of the actual assessment. 

The course is arranged in 4 separate sections:

  1. Introducing Working Safely
  2. Defining Hazard & Risk
  3. Identifying Common Hazards
  4. Improving Safety Performance

Each section takes approximately 90 minutes to complete, which allows ample time for group discussion, debate and interaction throughout the day. 

You can find out all the rest of the details here. 


We've had some superb feedback from previous attendees.

Examples include:

Really worthwhile training. Great content. Good practical conversations.


The training was delivered excellently in a manner that was very easy to understand and included true to life examples. The content was very relevant and gave a clear understanding of what is required from a Health, Safety & Welfare point of view.

My starting point was a very low level understanding of H&S. Now I feel more confident to be involved in this area having acquired a greater depth of knowledge.

I would highly recommend this training.


Great training course. Achieved its goal of bringing our staff to the same level of knowledge.

Discussions and sharing of experiences through out the day was very beneficial.