Safe Events Launches World-First Professional Diploma

Author / Mark Breen
23 Mar ‘21
Safe Events has developed the world's first Professional Diploma in Risk & Safety Management for Crowds & Events and will be delivering it online, with 2 classes SOLD OUT already.

Safe Events has teamed up with Professional Education supplier Learnful to launch this brand new Professional Diploma course. 

Designed to equip event professionals with the confidence, tools and techniques they need to plan and deliver best-in-class safe events, the Professional Diploma in Risk & Safety Management for Crowds & Events is already providing to have broad appeal.

The Appetite

The first course (running from June to August 2021) was fully booked in less than 24 hours. 

We then launched the second course (running from September to December 2021) and that course is now fully booked also. We are still accepting a small number of bookings for this course, as there will likely be a few people who don't take up their place. 

We are currently working on scheduling courses for 2022.

Speaking about the appetite for the course, Safe Events Director, Mark Breen, said:

We'd been planning to try launch this or something like this in 2022, initially. Our 2021 is extremely busy already with international events and training and consultancy here in Ireland. We figured 2022 was time enough for it. 

Then Shane from Learnful got in touch and wanted us to partner with them to deliver something along these lines.

That was ultimately the final little nudge we needed and we set about developing the content and launching the course. 

The Industry

We felt the time was right for something like this and it seems we were correct. 

While the specialist areas of Crowd and Event Safety are most assuredly better served now from an academic / learning perspective than they have ever been, we felt there was room for a Professional option, which was rooted in practicality and developed an delivered by people DOING this work, day-in, day-out. 

Martin Cullen, Director at Safe Events noted:

We KNEW there was a need and an appetite for this course within the industry. It hasn't really surprised us that it's proven so popular although it probably has surprised us that it's happened so quickly, if we're honest. 

Having two full courses now booked out is amazing and we are committed to developing and delivering a great learning experience that will produce better-equipped, confident event professionals, happy to take on the responsibility for Safety at events. 

The Course

The course is delivered LIVE online over 13 weeks, one evening a week. 

There will be an assessment to be completed to achieve the Professional Diploma.

The course will also incorporate a live Table Top Exercise (TTX), which is something we were really keen on including from the outset. Many people involved in events, unless they're working on large-scale mass-gathering events, may not get the chance to experience a TTX. We know the value of them ourselves, both from partaking and delivering them, and we feel it's an important element of the course content. 

You can check out the Course Curriculum and book your place here.