Safe Events Launches Lost Child Wristband Initiative

Author / Mark Breen
30 Jun ‘17
The issue of children becoming separated from their parents at events is a common one. We've used Lost Child Wristbands to great effect on our events and are now offering them for FREE for community events, charities, not-for-profit events and similar.

These wristbands, placed on a child with a parent's phone number written on in marker or pen, have allowed us to quickly reunite parents and children on numerous occasions.

You simply hand them out to parents who want them at the event. They then write their phone number and perhaps their name on the band and put it on the child's wrist. This is of immense help to event staff, members of the public if they discover a child that has been separated from their parent(s) at an event.

Speaking in relation to the bands, Mags Connelly, Division Head here in Safe Events & Cuckoo Events, said:

Just last weekend we were working across multiple events with large family audiences. We had between 25 and 35 different incidences of lost children across the weekend. It's never a nice thing to be dealing with, for the child, the parents and, indeed, the event staff. Anything we can do to help make it less of an issue is important to us. 

How do I get them?

Head over here and complete the form and we will sent out the bands.

We want as many groups to benefit from these as possible so we may not be able to give you ALL the bands you request, but we'll do what we can.