Do Not Use Petrol Generators At Events

Author / Mark Breen
09 Apr ‘18
There are a number of good reasons you should not use petrol generators at your events. This short article runs through 4 of them.

A version of this post first appeared on our Cuckoo Events website many years ago.

There are good reasons why petrol generators should NOT be used. 

Quite simply - petrol generators are more dangerous than diesel generators. 

Here's why:

1. Petrol is explosive

Petrol will explode whereas diesel will not. 

You could likely drop a lit match into a drum of diesel and it'll simply extinguish.

As you're likely well aware, that's not what would happen if you did the same into a drum of petrol. 

2. Petrol generators create sparks

Petrol generators use a spark plug to ignite the fuel. Diesel generators do not. This means diesel generators do not represent as much of an explosion risk as petrol generators.

Petrol generators use a spark plug to ignite the fuel / air mixture once it's in the combustion chamber. Diesel generators create combustion through the actual compression process itself. The compression heats the fuel, thus igniting it.  

Obviously less risk of explosion = safer. 

3. Petrol will ignite easier than diesel 

The heat involved to ignite some spilled fuel is much higher for a diesel generator. 

A leaking or badly maintained petrol generator is a very real risk.

The same is not the case for a diesel generator.

4. Petrol fumes are toxic

A diesel generator will only produce fumes under severe load changes and even then it will only happen briefly. 

Petrol generators will constantly produce exhaust fumes which are very toxic and should not be inhaled / ingested. 

The bottom line

Don't use petrol generators. They're not safe.

They should never be used near crowds.