Safe Events Team Gifted AED By Festimed

Author / Mark Breen
24 Feb ‘17
We've always brought first aid kits and fire extinguishers on our events and we'll now be bringing an AED, thanks to Dave and the team at Festimed UK & IRL.


As part of our Core Skills Training Programme for all our part-time Event Team staff, as well as our full-time Team, we're trained in First Aid, including the use of AEDs. 

Training and skills development for all our Team members has been at the core of what we've done with both Cuckoo Events and now with Safe Events also. Our Team is, by far, the most trained and skilled operational event team in Ireland and we are dedicated to ensuring that continues.

To that end, we were keen that our staff have an AED available to bring on our gigs, where possible. If it is never used, but gives us, our clients and partners peace of mind that it's there along with people trained in its use then it'll be a valuable addition to the event toolkit here.


Dave Rock, CEO of Festimed UK & IRL, attended our recent Introduction to Crowd Safety & Risk Analysis course in the Aviva Stadium. He presented the AED to us at the training and we were delighted to receive it.

We've also been working with Dave on many events over the past 12 - 18 months, as he's introduced Festimed to the Irish market, having operated in the UK for many years. Working on large festivals such as the Isle of Wight Festival, Bestival and many more, Festimed has been providing best-in-class event medical service, including everything from first responders through to full on-site medical centres and doctors.

Indeed, Festimed recently won the award for 2016 Medical Provider of the Year at the annual National Outdoor Events Association Awards event in the UK.

I knew Dave many years ago when we were both based in Limerick and worked in the same night club. I was working in a security role and Dave was one of our medics. We always worked well together and are now working well together again to the benefit of our mutual clients on a regular basis.

Moving forward

We're partnering with Festimed in a number of ways, both operationally on client events and more holistically to see how we might combine our efforts to help develop standards and practice in the industry here. 

Both Festimed and ourselves share the same drive to bring international best-practice to bear on the work being done by ourselves and others here in Ireland.