We're Working With A New Saudi Client On Some Amazing Events

Author / Mark Breen
24 Mar ‘17
Having connected on LinkedIn a while back, this new client saw us launch our Safe Events brand and, on reviewing the site and our case studies, was convinced we were the right people to work with him and his team.

Things moved very quickly and Martin and I flew out to Saudi Arabia to do a site visit.

We met with the client and his team, spending 2 days on site and in meetings to agree deliverables and a plan moving forward.

We really enjoyed our time out there and were impressed with how the client operates and his visions for our collaboration.

We will be advising and consulting with respect to planning for crowds.

Like-minded people

Martin always says that we seek out like-minded people and he's right. We have some superb clients and suppliers with whom we gel really well and that 'get it'.

We got a fantastic vibe off the client.

Everything from their offices, to how they treat their staff, from their design & production aesthetic to the standards they set for everything they do, reinforced that vibe and proved to us that we're like-minded people and that we'll work superbly together.

Our shared priorities and similar approach to events and safety at events should hopefully see this relationship lasting well into the future. 

This event

This first event we're working on is a large art event, that'll see 70,000+ people attend across 4 days. 

The build is being done right now in a stunning venue in a 5-star resort. 

We're working with the client to undertake a comprehensive Risk Assessment Process for the event as well as developing a Transport Management Plan primarily. We'll be consulting and advising on the final site design and a variety of other elements.

The future

We're fitting in another site visit for a large stadium event when we go back out for this upcoming event. We want to make sure of all our time is optimised when we're out in Saudi, so conducting site visits for the next events while we're out working on an event makes sense.

We're already discussing working together to introduce a number of new events to Saudi.

We're genuinely excited about what the future holds for us in Saudi with this client. 

The site visit