Safe Events Announces 'Decision-Making' Talking Shop Event

Author / Mark Breen
12 Feb ‘19
This will be the 2nd in our Talking Shop series and we are very excited about it. Lloyd & Greg from CREST Planning, will deliver a keynote address during which they will introduce 3 new tools that may help us in planning and managing safety at our events.

The details

This event is being held in Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin city centre. 

The date is 15th April 2019.

It will begin at 10am and should be finished by 1pm.

We will leave a good amount of time for the panel session, which will include scope for questions and input from attendees.

We are limited to approximately 170 people in this venue.

It costs €20 to attend and you can register your place here.

Why attend?

This event should interest anyone involved in running events and interested in running safe events. The tools that will be introduced are deployable on all types of events with crowds and aid in quick decision-making in situations where lives could be at stake. Decision-making in stressful or emergency situations is challenging and any tools that may help us in making the right ones are to be welcomed.

In particular, it may interest:

  • Festival organisers
  • Event Safety Officers
  • Event Controllers
  • Local authorities
  • Event security personnel
  • Security Supervisors / Managers
  • Pit Supervisors
  • Stage Managers - especially if you tend to hold SHOW STOP authority
  • Promoters
  • Event management companies

It is open to all and we welcome anyone with an interest in the area to attend.

The keynote

We are VERY excited about this one.

This will be the first time that Lloyd and Greg will have delivered an address to an Irish audience. Lloyd is co-founder of CREST Planning. Both he and his co-founder, Greg Horsford, have significant operational event experience, occupying both high-level strategic and tactical roles within the Police force in the UK. Lloyd is recently retired while Greg continues to serve as a Superintendent in the Police.

Their 'Integrated Threat Management' approach to the management of safety at events with large crowds is now taught to senior UK Police Officers charged with the safeguarding of hundreds of thousands of lives, as well as across 27 EU nations, Sierra Leone, Myanmar and beyond. The approach is the result of Masters work undertaken by both Greg and Lloyd. 

Their address will look at decision-making during events and will introduce 3 tools developed by Lloyd and Greg during their Masters research. These tools are now taught to and utilised by senior UK Police Officers, charged with the safeguarding of hundreds of thousands of lives as well as across 27 EU nations, in Sierra Leone, Myanmar and beyond. They help us recognise crowd problems during events and facilitate informed decision-making through a shared vocabulary and more.

Lloyd and Greg will introduce us to their 'Integrated Threat Management' work, which involves 3 different tools:

  1. Mitigation Model
  2. Crowd Tension Indicator
  3. Integrated Threat Matrix

They will introduce the tools, while using real-world Case Studies and examples including:

  • Hillsborough as a Case Study for crisis communications
  • Another Case Study heading for criminal prosecution partly on the back of witness testimony provided by Lloyd at a Festival Licensing hearing

You will come away with a much better understand of how you can establish what medical cover you need for your event, who can help you do so and how best to ensure you and your attendees are covered.

The panel

After the address from Lloyd and Greg, they will join an industry Panel Session, which will explore the challenge of decision-making at events more deeply, as well as affording us an opportunity to discuss and question the approach and tools introduced.

There will be an opportunity here for attendees to put questions to the panel, both in advance as well as on the day.

Panel members confirmed include:

The bottom line

The 1st in the Talking Shop series saw 200+ people register to attend. All of the Talking Shop events won't appeal to 200+ people, we don't think, but as long as we are providing content of use to a decent number of people in the industry then we're happy. 

If that includes you, then register for a seat here.