Safe Events Launches 'Talking Shop' Seminar Series

Author / Mark Breen
19 Dec ‘18
The 1st seminar in the new series is titled 'Temporary Structures for Events - how do we know they are safe?'. It involves a keynote address from Roger Barrett of Star Events and will be followed by a panel session with Irish event industry professionals.

The idea

The Talking Shop series of seminars is designed to provide speakers and content of interest to people involved in the event industry here in Ireland. This first one - looking at the safety of temporary structures - has an obvious safety theme, but they may not all be safety-related. 

We are working on scheduling some that may be of more general interest. We'll see how the first couple go. 

The details

This event is being held in Wood Quay Venue, in Dublin city centre. 

The date is 19th February 2019.

It will begin at 10am and should be finished by 1pm.

We will leave a good amount of time for the panel session, which will include scope for questions and input from attendees.

We are limited to approximately 110 people in this venue.

It costs €10 to attend and you can register your place here.

Why attend?

This content will be of interest to anyone involved in running and managing events who is interested in ensuring the structures (gazebos, marquees, stages, towers, PA stacks, grandstand seating etc.) are safe.

In particular, it may interest:

  • Local authority buyers
  • Event Safety Officers
  • Event Controllers
  • Production Managers
  • Infrastructure providers
  • Staging providers
  • Site Managers 
  • Promoters

It is open to all and we welcome anyone with an interest in the area to attend.

The keynote

Roger Barrett (Eng Tech, TIStructE, SIIRSM, MIod) is Special Projects Director with Star Events. He has a wealth of experience in building all sorts of temporary structures all over the world.

The purpose of Roger's address is twofold:

  1. He will discuss the most common issues with temporary event structures of all shapes and sizes, how they fail and why they fail.
  2. Importantly, he will then outline how we - as non-engineer event professionals - can spot tell-tale signs that structures are unsafe.

 You will come away knowing things to check on structures to help give you confidence in them or to help you confidently identify issues with them. 

The panel

After Roger's address, he will join the other panel members for a session that will touch on contemporary issues in the Irish event industry in this area.

There will be an opportunity here for attendees to put questions to the panel.

Panel members confirmed currently include:

The bottom line

We've been wanting to kick off this Talking Shop series for a good while now. We're not sure if it'll work or if there'll be sufficient interest to keep it going but we're going to give it a go.

It is not a money-spinner. If it covers cost most of the time then that's fine. 

This is about bringing good speakers and content to small groups of engaged and interested people. 

If that includes you, then register for a seat here.