How Do I Know How Many People Fit At My Event? [5 Videos]

Author / Mark Breen
20 Oct ‘18
Calculating how many people can fit in your event is usually an extremely involved process that requires the expertise and experience of professionals. In these 5 short videos we seek to explain simply some of what's involved.


Please share these resources among people you feel may benefit from them. The whole point of us spending time and money etc. creating these is in the hope that they can be of benefit to people running events all around the world. Also, any suggestions on improvements or other topics to include are most welcome. Cheers.


We spend a lot of time developing and distributing #CrowdSafety and #EventSafety resources so that events we are not directly involved in might be benefit from our experience. It's part of the impact we want to have on our industry. 

These videos are the first in a series of resources we will be producing under the banner of 'Event Safety Made Simpler'. With this series of resources we will be trying to increase people's understanding of some key safety considerations on events of all types. We'll be publishing them under the hashtag #EventSafetyMadeSimpler

Event Capacity

We've chosen to deal with the topic of 'Event Capacity' first as this is one of the areas we (a) get consulted on most frequently and (b) see people get wrong most often. 

This is something that, if done badly, can have the most dire of consequences. 

As such, we figured we'd address this topic first. 


Watching and understanding these videos will not make you competent to calculate capacities for events. They are simply designed to give you an insight into what is involved so that you might understand why experienced professionals may be of use to you. 

#EventSafetyMadeSimpler - Part 1

This video introduces the 4 calculations we do initially.

#EventSafetyMadeSimpler - Part 2

This video introduces the affect that standard event infrastructure elements have on your capacity.

#EventSafetyMadeSimpler - Part 3

This video introduces the consideration of emergency exits in the venue.

#EventSafetyMadeSimpler - Part 4

This video introduces the topic of HOW our audience might use the event space. It's not simply about how many people fit in there. 

#EventSafetyMadeSimpler - Part 5

This video explores how your event might affect others not attending and how you account for that.

The bottom line

There is a HUGE amount to establishing safe capacities for events. 

Hopefully the videos above have helped you understand some of what we need to consider when establishing capacities. 

If you need further help for your particular event, then you can get in touch with us at

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