[What we do] Reviewing the design of a dance arena for a festival

Author / Mark Breen
22 Jul ‘21
This is the 1st in a series of blog posts / content pieces we are doing around what we actually do as Crowd & Event Safety specialists. The idea is to give an insight into the types of tasks we take on as part of our work for events and festivals etc.


Earlier this week we spent some time reviewing the design of a dance arena for an international festival.

This is a large-scale event on which we have been working since January of this year. 

We are leading the HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment & Quality) Department for the festival, which sees our whole full-time Team here in Safe Events involved, as well as a large number of international specialists and event health & safety generalists. 

What we do 

With regard to this particular Dance Arena, some of our main considerations in consulting on the design of the space included:

✅  The emergency egress capacity

✅  The locations of the exits

✅  The pathways to the exits, around production elements and raised VIP platforms

✅  The external environment around the arena itself

✅  Whether the team's desired capacity in the arena was safe and achievable with the current design

These were not the only considerations, naturally, but they were some of the main ones, given this project and where we are at with the planning as well as the overall site layout etc. 


There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when designing arenas and site layouts for festivals for large crowds.

One of the tools we used for this is a Venue Capacity Calculation Worksheet we developed here in Safe Events to help us with tasks like this.

It's an Excel tool. Nothing super fancy. Just effective and useful.

Years of operating in crowd and event safety sees us developing things like this to help our clients' events run smoothly.

This Venue Capacity Calculation Worksheet is one of our tools that we introduce to learners on our Professional Diploma in Risk & Safety Management for Crowds and Events both in the 'Mathematics of Safety' modules as well as the 'Tool Development' module.

The Diploma is a LIVE, online, 13-week course delivered one evening a week. 

P.S. a version of this content was first put up on my LinkedIn account, where we are extremely active in sharing with the global event industry