Why Do Events Need Safety People [2]?

Author / Mark Breen
18 Jun ‘17

This post is actually a follow up post to our first Why Do Events Need Safety People post and concerns the same event.

We decided to publish a second post rather than update the first one as, by the time we wrote this one, the first one had huge traffic already.

The problem

The marquee in the pictures below is the same one from the 1st post in this series, linked above. In that post the pictures were taken while an evening event was taking place in the marquee.

The pictures below were taken during a daytime event the following day. The marquee contained craft stalls etc. and the area immediately inside the exit was a LEGO area for children.

Points to note

  • This is the same emergency exit included in the first Why Do Events Need Safety People post.
  • A soft marquee wall panel is no longer fully secured externally, but rather is hanging loose on one side.
  • As it is in the pictures, the soft marquee wall panel is actually creating a trip hazard at the exit point.
  • In this configuration, approximately half of the exit capacity is available and that is compromised, in the first instance, by the panel itself creating a trip hazard on the ground.
  • The blue cabling evident in the 1st post remains on the ground outside the exit in the photos above.
  • There are now 2 stacks of tables (presumably from the event taking place the previous evening) stacked outside the exit. These could represent a significant hazard and impediment to escape, should an evacuation be necessary.
  • There is a trailer parked close to the exit, which obstructs approximately 80% of the width of the escape route directly from this exit. 
  • This exit route leads into the main outdoor family fun area of the festival.

The bottom line

It is clear from both the these pictures and the first Why Do Events Need Safety People post that those charged with ensuring the safety of those attending this event are either clueless or simply don't care. 

They likely are not competent in performing a proper Risk Assessment for events.

Would you want your mother or brother or sister to be in that marquee and be unable to exit in an emergency?

This is why events need safety people.

If you think you need help with ensuring your event is safe then get in touch.