Wild Lights Events Win Big At Event Industry Awards

Author / Mark Breen
28 Jul ‘18
The Wild Lights events we worked on with Dublin Zoo won 2 of the main awards on offer at the annual Event Industry Awards here in Ireland.

We attended the Event Industry Awards recently as guest of Emma and Aoife in Dublin Zoo, with whom we worked last year to bring the Wild Lights events to life in Dublin Zoo.

Wild Lights was a finalist in the 'Best Live Event' category.

The way the EIAs work, there's an overall 'Best Event' award too, chosen from the winners in each of the event categories on the night. 

We were pretty confident that Wild Lights would win both and we were absolutely delighted to accompany Aoife up on stage to collect both of the awards on the night. 

Wild Lights was an amazingly ambitious project for Dublin Zoo. It was the first time they've run events like this in there and they showed some great vision to go with Wild Lights. We got involved to help them plan and manage the events, but the concept and creative was all down to the Zoo and their Chinese partners. 

Almost 200,000 people enjoyed the Wild Lights events across 47 nights. It was challenging in all sorts of ways and we loved every single second of it. Genuinely. 

We're currently working on this year's incarnation of Wild Lights and it's going to blow last year's out of the water big time. 

It'll be award-winning too. Mark our words.