Training / Upskilling Opportunities during COVID-19

UPDATED: 10/04/21


A year on and COVID is still ruling all our worlds. 

A lot of us still have time on our hands unfortunately and are keen on training and upskilling when we can.

In an effort to help our industry out in a tiny way, we've put together this webpage. 

We will be including details of upskilling / training opportunities that we know of that may be of interest to us as #eventprofs.

Get in touch and let us know of any opportunities you think should be included. Pop us an email at

DISCLAIMER  - we are in no way specifically endorsing or recommending any of the resources below. We are simply bringing them to your attention as we become aware of them, in case they are of interest to you. 


[COURSES] Harvard University online

There is a wide range of courses from Harvard University available for FREE online.

In fact, it appears there are 119 FREE courses up there.

There are also plenty of others that vary in cost too. 

A few FREE ones that caught our eye include:

Head over here to search through the courses.


[WEBINAR] Strategic De-escalation for Public Safety Professionals

The International Public Safety Association (IPSA) regularly runs webinars. 

This one could be of interest to those of us working in events and interested in keeping people safe. 

It's FREE and you can sign up here.


[RESOURCES] COVID-19 research / articles etc.

Taylor & Francis has a webpage, which is FREE to access and contains a lot of research and articles about COVID-19.

This could be a super resource for anyone looking to deep dive into COVID and explore scholarly articles, academic research etc. 

Click here to access.


[COURSE] Safe Sets COVID-19 Level B

The folks at Safe Sets International are offering thjs Level B course.

It's NOT FREE but it may be of interest. There is a free preview option at the link below.

It builds on their FREE Level A course (details further down on this page).

Check it out here.


[COURSE] Entertaining Health: Mental Health in the Era of COVID

Thanks to the Event Safety Alliance in Canada for bringing these to our attention. 

These are training workshops that are FREE to attend and are focused on mental health within the entertainment and events industries. 

Click here for the details and to register.



[WEBINAR] First Steps for COVID Secure Events

The nice folks over at Brightspace are running multiple webinars on this topic.

They are FREE to attend and there are currently sessions scheduled for March and April 2021.

Check them out here.


[SUMMIT] Virtual Severe Weather Summit

Our friends over at the Event Safety Alliance in the States are holding a virtual Severe Weather Summit this year instead of their usual in-person one. 

They have also taken the decision to offer it for FREE to everybody. 

The Summit runs through April and involves a wide range of events.

Click here to find out more and to register.


[COURSES] PCR Global eAcademy

PCR Global are currently offering a range of courses, with a lot of them being FREE.

Some of the courses include:

  • Dynamic Risk Assessment
  • The Principles of Health & Safety Management
  • Construction Dust Awareness

They also have courses that cost a small amount, so they're worth checking out.

Find out more here.


[COURSES] FREE Udemy courses

We recently came across this Mashable article. which lists several course now available for FREE on Udemy. 

They are predominantly around coding and photo editing and similar.

Click here for the article.


[COURSE] Safe Sets COVID-19 Level A

Safe Sets International has developed this FREE COVID-19 course.

It is geared towards people involved in the Film / TV / Production industry.

Access it here.


[WEBINARS] 23 event-related webinars

Our #Eventinsights webinar series is over for now.

You can catch the recordings of all the webinars listed below by CLICKING HERE.

  • Buyer's Guide to Choosing Your Event Security Partner
  • Delivering A Major Mass-Participation Event: The Logistical Challenge
  • Introduction To CDM Regulations And Their Impacts On Events
  • Using Social Media To Promote B2B Events
  • Stadium Safety: Where Do We Stand?
  • A Local Authority Perspective On Running Events
  • Importance Of The Fan / Guest Experience
  • LIVE PANEL - Embracing Risk and Making the Tough Calls
  • Guide To Becoming Self-Employed In The Event Industry
  • Climbing The Career Ladder In The Event Industry
  • Food Safety At Festivals And Events
  • Transport Management For Big Games Events
  • Site Risk Management For Events
  • The Benefits Of 3D-Modelling Your Event Site
  • LIVE PANEL - Global Perspective on Safety for Events, During & Post COVID-19
  • Event Site Design Principles
  • Introduction To Event Site Management
  • Event Insurance 101
  • Rigging For Events And How To Get Into It
  • Event Management And Incident Command
  • Event Management Plans In Pictures
  • Selecting A Medical Supplier For Your Event
  • Introduction to Laser Display Safety for Events
  • Volunteer Does Not Mean Cannon Fodder


[COURSE] FEMA Special Events Contingency Planning for Public Agencies 

This is another one of FEMA's FREE courses. 

You'll need a FEMA SID first. Click here to register for that. You'll then be able to log in to take the exams on a range of FEMA courses. 

Click here for more on this course

There are more FEMA courses linked further down this page.


[WEBINARS] IIFX COVID Risk Playbook Series

The Innovation Institute for Fan Experience (IIFX) is running a FREE series of webinars looking at real-world COVID challenges.

Find out more here.


[WEBINARS] Promed webinar series

Matt Dinnery and the folks at Promed are running a series of webinars. 

They are FREE to attend and you can catch up on previous ones too on their YouTube channel.

CLICK HERE for more.


[COURSE] Kickstarter Course on AutoCAD for Event Professionals

Rupert Bassadone in the UK runs Event Site Design. 

He has run some great #SkillsSwap programmes during COVID-19.

He has also launched 3 FREE videos to teach YOU how to use AutoCAD for events.



[CHATS] Event Manager to Project Manager Coffee Chats

This is a series of online 'chats' for people looking to transition from being Event Managers to Project Managers.

It's FREE.



[COURSES] Sales courses on LinkedIn Learning 

Check out this range of FREE sales courses over on LinkedIn.

Topics include:

  • Working Remotely
  • Leading Virtual Meetings
  • Selling With Authenticity
  • Solution Sales



[PODCAST] Masters of Scale: Rapid Response

Hosted by LinkedIn’s co-founder, Reid Hoffman, Masters of Scale has a heavyweight line-up of tech and marketing guests that make it a great listen at any time.

These Rapid Response episodes are designed to address the key issues for business during the current situation.



[PODCAST] Checking in with Susan David

Harvard Medical School psychologist Susan David shares her insights for handling emotions heightened by the pandemic in this free TED Podcast.



[VIDEOS] SGSA Knowledge Series

The Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA) author the Green Guide, which recently saw its 6th Edition released.

The Green Guide is referenced worldwide when planning for safe crowds, especially at sporting events.

This series of FREE short videos is very good.

Check them out here


[WEBINARS] NCS4 webinar series

The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) is established at The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) and is the world’s leading academic research institution in addressing sports safety and security risks and threats.

They are offering this FREE series of webinars.

Click here for the schedule and to register


[WORKSHOPS] Concert Industry workshops

Jen Kellogg is hosting these workshops, which take place on Tuesday and Thursdays.

They are FREE and cover topics that you might not see covered elsewhere. 

Topics due to be explored include:

  • Routing
  • Tour Budgets
  • Deal Structures
  • Settlement
  • Venues
  • People and Roles
  • Ancillary Revenue Streams
  • . . . . . . 

Check them out here.


[COURSES] Range of Terrorism-Related courses

We have had a few people get in touch recently wondering where they might access more training / courses on Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism

Coursera has a range of courses for FREE in this area. 

We know some people involved in the CT world and who rate some of the Coursera info and training.

Click here


[COURSES] Athlete 365 / courses

This website has a number of FREE sports-related courses available. I think it's designed for athletes / retired athletes and their entourages. 

They do seem to be fine with anyone signing up. You'll need to create an account first to access courses

Once you have an account and login you can find Online Learning in the menu and choose what courses you'd like to take.

Courses include:

  • Sport Event Management
  • Professional Sport Management
  • Safeguarding Athletes from Harassment and Abuse

Click here to go to the site


[COURSES] UN Department of Safety & Security 

The United Nations offers a number of FREE online courses that may be of interest.

You can check them out here


[COURSES] UNICEF online courses

UNICEF offers a huge range of coures online for FREE.

Examples include:

NOTE - not all course are open to non-UNICEF staff but the vast majority that we clicked through on are.


[COURSE] Safety, Security and Service at Sports Events

This is an online course offered by the Council of Europe arising out of the ProS4+ project of the European Union. 

It is FREE to take and should take 4 to 5 hours.

Read more here

Register for the course here


[COURSE] Rhetoric: The Art of Creative Writing and Public Speaking

This course is offered by Harvard University through for FREE.

You'll need to set up an account and you can pay for an optional certification at the end if you want.

In fact, has a large library of courses and is worth searching through for anything that might suit your interests. For example, we are reliably informed there is a course on the Science of Beer that you could check out. 

Access it here


[COURSE] Learning How to Learn 

This course is offered by McMaster University over on Coursera for FREE.

It takes approximately 15 hours to complete and may be of use to people getting back into 'learning' after a while.

Click here


[COURSES] FutureLearn

The FutureLearn website has a HUGE range of courses you can take for FREE.

You can choose to pay a fee, which gives you linger access to the course, certification once completed etc. if you want it. You can also pay a once-off fee to get access to all the courses on there too if you like. 

The courses seem to be designed by various UK Universities (Coventry University, University of Sheffield are two I noticed on there).

Subject areas include:

  • Business & Management
  • History
  • Languages
  • Law
  • Creative Arts and Media
  • Politics and Society
  • Literature

Click here to explore the courses

Thanks to Conor in here for spotting this one.

[ONLINE COURSE] Risk Management for After School Activities and Interscholastic Athletics

NCS4 is the United States are offering this course for FREE online.

You need to be a US Citizen and you'll need to have or get yourself a FEMA SID too. 

NCS4 is a highly respected institution, which works with Interpol and many others to develop courses in this area. 

Find out more here


[ONLINE COURSE] Get Hired or Promoted in 3 Steps

This course is offered for FREE on Coursera but the State University of New York

I'm seeing multiple people in my network moving jobs currently, which seems a little odd but great for them! There will also be plenty of people looking for work now and in the near future, sadly, so I thought this course might be of interest.

Check it out here


[ONLINE COURSE] Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This is one of many courses and modules offered for FREE online by Google

It is also accredited by the Open University and is IAB-accredited

This one has 26 modules and will take 40 hours, according to Google.

Check it out here


NACTSO ACT Awareness eLearning course

This ACT Awareness eLearning course was, until fairly recently, only available to organisations in the UK involved in protecting crowd places. The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NACTSO) produced it and it has been extolled as a very good course and grounding in the subject matter.

It's VERY well done, as it's interactive and has you involved in scenarios etc. 

It is now open and available to us all to access for FREE.

Click here to register


Event Safety Blueprint course

This course is being offered for $20 over on, with $10 of that price going to UNICEF to help them in their work. 

From their website:

This course shows Event Managers how to:

  • Quickly find solutions to safety issues, which easily saves valuable time.
  • Fix problems faster when dealing with Authorities, Health & Safety and Venue Managers.
  • Keep themselves, their colleagues and their visitors safe during the entire event production.

Register and find out more here


Free Home Study Online Resources

The nice folks over at Dublin City Council have put together a nice list of FREE resources that may be of use.

Their website describes it in these terms:

Are you, like so many people nowadays, staying at home safe with your children? Would you appreciate access to FREE, reliable, up-to-date and trustworthy online resources to help with home study?

NOTE - you will need a Dublin City Libraries card to access these

Check out the webpage here


[WEBINAR] IFEA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Forum

The International Festival & Events Association (IFEA) has launched a weekly FREE webinar specifically addressing COVID-19 and how it is impacting events, eventprofs and the event industry. 

You register for each weekly webinar separately. 

Find out more here


Open University FREE courses

The Open University has a large range of FREE online courses available at all times. 

Subject areas include:

  • Education & Development
  • Money & Business
  • Nature & Environment 
  • Society, Politics and Law
  • Health, Sports & Psychology

Check them out here FREE courses

The range of courses available through have been made FREE to access during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Subject areas include:

  • Business
  • Computer Programming
  • Web and Graphic Design
  • Data Science
  • Office Productivity

Apply and check it out here


Learn a new language online with Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone, long synonymous with online language learning, have made their courses FREE for now to students. It does appear they are freely accessible to everyone, as opposed to just students.

Click here


FEMA courses

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Emergency Management Institute in the States offers plenty of courses the may be of interest. 

You can access the list of online, FREE courses here

Click here to register for a FEMA SID in the first instance. You'll then be able to log in to take the exams on a range of FEMA courses. 

Some courses that may be of particular interest:

The FEMA courses are a superb resource.


IOSH courses

A wide range of IOSH courses are available to be studied online

You can access the list of those courses as well as the companies / organisations offering / delivering them by clicking here

There are costs associated with each of these but they may still be of interest. 


[WEBINARS] EPC Resilience

The Emergency Planning College is well-known for delivering training in the areas of Mass Gatherings, Resilience etc. 

As per their website, 'The EPC is working in partnership with the BSI to deliver an expert view on the complimentary standards and how they can help in the current national crisis through a series of informative webinars.

The webinars appear to be FREE to sign up for, and there is likely to be good value in the content. 

You can find out about the webinars here


Live Online Rigging Awareness Training

The folks in Made For Stage are holding live online stream courses for rigging on Mondays and Thursdays from March 23rd onwards. 

The cost of the course is €125.

You can find out more here

To enrol email


[WEBINAR] Weekly Mass Participation industry gathering on Zoom

This doesn't seem to be COVID-19-specific but could be of interest. It seems to happen numerous times each week to suit different time zones around the world. 

It's a Zoom session held for people involved in Mass Participation events.

You can find out more here

Register for a day that suits you here


NCRQ Safety for Managers

The NCRQ are offering FREE enrolments on their online Safety for Managers course. 

They currently plan for enrolments to be open for free til the end of April 2020. once enrolled, you've 30 days to submit the final assignment. 

Find out more and enrol here

NOTE - it's only available to UK-based enrolments and UK-based companies. 


World Health Organisation

The WHO has a range of courses available for FREE online.

They have courses dealing with COVID-19 specifically, too, including:

You need to sign up for an account first and then you've access to these and a wide range of other courses. 

WHO also has a great FREE course entitled Public Health Preparedness for Mass Gathering Events.

You need to have signed up for the same account as for the courses above, but this course is accessed from a different website.

Click here to access the course


Coronavirus Awareness Video

iHASCO, the online course provider, has produced a 10-minute awareness video on the Coronavirus

You can watch it here


COVID-19 Infection Control Training

The Australian Department of Health has teamed with a private partner to provide this FREE 30-min training.

It's aimed at healthcare workers but states it is open to anyone.

You can register here


Production Training

This seems to be a peer-to-peer training site where experienced experts offer one-to-one Skype tuition on various production technology packages.

It describes itself as connecting production professionals with amateurs.

Examples include:

  • GrandMA2 Packages
  • Midas Pro Packages
  • AVID - VENUE Packages

Check it out here



Vectorworks are offering FREE access to a range of online seminars.

If drawing is your thing, then this could be of interest. 

Find out more here


Gaffer Systems

If stage plotting / planning is where your interest lies then this could suit you. 

Gaffer Systems are offering access to their product for FREE for a limited time. They plan to do so with Version 2.0 too. 

You can sign up and download the software here


Digital Marketing Masterclasses 

The website has made access to its community and courses FREE til at least the end of March. 

They claim to have 36 Marketing Playbooks in there as well as 11 Masterclasses.

Click here to get going


'Blogging for Business' course

The Ahrefs website says this FREE course will help you 'learn how to grow your blog past 100K monthly visitors and turn thousands of your readers into paying customers'.

We can probably all do with improving our business blogging efforts, to be fair, so this may be worth checking out. 

Click here


[VIRTUAL SUMMIT] Prepping for the Return of Fans

The IIFX (Innovation Institute for Fan Experience) is running this summit.

You can register for FREE.

It takes place on 25th March 2021.

CLICK HERE to register.


[WEBINAR] Creating Safety in Motorsport, IOSH

The full name of this webinar is Creating Safety in Motorsport – Delivering Sustainable Street Racing and Championship Winning Performance.

It is FREE and is being delivered by IOSH. It is on 25th March 2021 at 18:00.

CLICK HERE to register.


[WEBINARS / COURSES] Level 4 & Level 5 courses in Security / Crisis and Risk Management 

Deltar and the ISRM (institute of Strategic Risk Management) have partnered to deliver these 2no. courses through webinars. 

The 2no. courses are:

  • Level 4 award in Foundations of Security and Risk Management 
  • Level 5 award in Corporate Risk and Crisis Management 

The webinars are running from Monday 15th March to Friday 19th March 2021, and will be for 1.5no. hours each day. 

They are offering these courses for FREE

Attendance on the webinars are FREE, while there is a fee to submit assessments to achieve the certifications, if you choose to. 

Click here for more information

Register here for the Level 5 and here for the Level 4.


[WEBINAR] The Need for Evidence in Spectator Safety & Security

This FREE webinar is part of the NCS4 Research Seminar Series. 

The full title is The Need for Evidence in Spectator Safety & Security: Introduction to the National Venue Safety & Security Index.

It is on 1st April at 19:00 GMT.

Click here to register.


[CONFERENCE] ISRM Global Coronavirus Conference

The ISRM is running this FREE 3-day conference. 

It's running from 23rd - 25th March 2021. It runs from 13:00 to 15:00 GMT each day. 

There are some great speakers and sessions lined up.

Click here to register.


[WEBINAR] Using Data to Inform Crowd Management

The NFPA in the US is running this FREE webinar on 12th November. 

You can sign up here.


[WEBINAR] Navigating Vehicle Threat Mitigation

NCS4 is running this FREE Online Technology Forum on Navigating Vehicle Threat Mitigation.

It is part of their Online Technology Forum Series.

It takes place on 29th October. 

Register here.


SEO training 

The Moz Academy has given FREE access to their SEO training until at least the end of May. 

All you need to do is sign up for a free account and use a redemption code at checkout. 

Click here


[FESTIVAL] Freelance Festival

This online festival is designed for freelancers and small businesses and is FREE to attend.

It will take place from 8th to 26th February 2021 with a range of events and sessions being scheduled.

More information here.


[WEBINARS] SHP Online webinar series

Safety Practitioner Online is running a range of FREE webinars around Health and Safety from October into December 2020.

You can sign up to watch ones you've missed on demand too.

Click here for more


[WEBINARS / FORUMS] Production Futures Online

This online event is described as 'A week of engagement and learning across all aspects of the Live Events Production Industry. 

It takes place for 9th - 13th November and it's FREE if you are a STUDENT, FREELANCER of 17-25 YEAR OLD YOUNG PERSON according to the website. 

Find out more here.



The Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA) has a couple of FREE webinars planned in September. 

Click the titles below to be taken to the registration pages for each.

They are the same webinar topic, on 2 different days. 


[WEBINARS] Crowd Safety Training webinar series

Andy and the team over at Crowd Safety Training have put on some super webinars recently and there are more to come.

These are FREE to attend and you can register by clicking on the webinar titles below:


[WEBINAR] #SkillsSwap 

Rupert Bassadone over in Event Site Design in the UK started this one.

Monday 23rd March 2020 will see a FREE full-day webinar broadcast on Zoom, where UK-based #eventprofs will share their knowledge and expertise. 

It's free and already has hundreds of people signed up.

Find out more here

Sign up here


[WEBINAR] Jihad as Terrorism

The International Public Safety Association is holding this FREE webinar.

It'll take place on 20th May at 18:00 Irish time.

Click here to register


[WEBINAR] Festivals, Events and COVID-19: Navigating a Global Pandemic

This webinar is FREE and is being held on 27th May.

It is being run by the Centre for Culture, Sports and Events (CCSE) at the University of the West of Scotland.

Click here to register


[WEBINAR] Counter Terrorism in Crowded Spaces

This is another FREE webinar from the folks at MOM Consultancy. 

It's taking place on April 23rd at 11am and will include presenters:

  • Professor Chris Kemp
  • Pete Dalton
  • Toby Thompson
  • John McKee
  • Paul Foster
  • Pascal Viot

It's a good lineup of people who know what they're talking about. 

Head over here to sign in when it's on


[FB LIVE] Coffee with Tara

Tara Brabazon is an academic in Australia and between 23/3 and 27/3 from 8.30am to 9.30am each morning (local time in Adelaide) Tara is hosting a Facebook Live chat and inviting event professionals to join her.

There will be questions and conversation and who knows what may come of it. 

Find out more here


[WEBINAR] Managing the movement of people at events

The full title of this one is Managing the movement of people at events - Best practice from recent Olympic Games that can be adopted for any size event and it's being delivered by Paul Foster from OnePlan.

It's due to take place on Monday 30th March 2020.

Find out more and sign up here


[WEBINAR] Completing threat and risk assessments then developing an integrated security response

This is another one being hosted by Paul Foster and the team at OnePlan.

Pete Dalton will deliver this one. Pete is a retired Police Incident Commander and has been involved in security operations for some major world events.

Register here


[WEBINARS] IOSH webinars on COVID-19

The Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) has already run a FREE webinar entitled Managing workplace safety and health in response to Covid-19.

You can watch the recording of that webinar here

There is another FREE webinar coming up called Covid-19: Looking after the mental and physical health and wellbeing of the remote worker. 

It's on April 9th 2020 at 12.30, London time. 

You can register for that one here

IOSH has a range of webinars and virtual sessions ongoing. 

Check them out here.


[WEBINAR] Active Shooter / Hostile Event Response

This webinar's full title is NFPA 3000: Standard for an Active Shooter / Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program Overview and Update and is being organised by the International Public Safety Association

It takes place on April 22nd 2020 at 17:00, Dublin time and it's FREE.

The registration page for the webinar states:

Join NFPA Emergency Services Specialist John Montes, staff liaison to the technical committees for EMS, Fire Service Occupational Safety and Health, Hazardous Materials Response, and Cross Functional Emergency Preparedness and Response as he explains why an integrated strategy is essential in this day and age. This webinar is relevant for those charged with protecting people and property from harm.

For more info on NFPA 3000 click here

To register for the webinar click here

Thanks to Keith Brunkard for the heads-up on this one.


[WEBINARS / COURSES] Level 4 & Level 5 courses in Risk Management 

Deltar and the ISRM (institute of Strategic Risk Management) have partnered to deliver these 2no. courses through webinars. 

The 2no. courses are:

  • Level 4 award in Foundations of Security and Risk Management 
  • Level 5 award in Corporate Risk and Crisis Management 

The webinars are running from Monday 13th April to Friday 17th April, and will be for 1.5no. hours each day. 

With the support of Emirates, they are offering these courses for FREE

Attendance on the webinars are FREE, while there is a small fee to submit 4no. short assessments to achieve the certifications. 

Click here for more information

Register here for the Level 5 and here for the Level 4

While these 2 courses are completed now, they are still running the courses regularly every couple of weeks.

Search for the ISRM online and you'll find more dates.


[FB LIVE] "Safe filming of vehicles" course

Andy Harris and the team over at MSS are launching their first online course on Wednesday 15th April at 12:00.

This course is available for FREE for people in the film industry.

Click here, where you will need to apply to join their FB Group. You will be asked to confirm if you are a freelancer in the UK film industry, which is fair enough. 

This FB Live event is over but MSS Safety are still running various sessions on FB Live. 

Search for them online to see what might be coming up.


[WEBINAR] MOM Consultancy WebEX programme on COVID-19

Mind Over Matter has organised a FREE webinar / WebEx programme for the event industry, specifically dealing with COVID-19.

It will take place on 3rd April at 11am (GMT).

From their website:

This WebEx panel will be hosted by Dr Toby Thompson (Networked Learning Director – Cranfield Defence and Security Services Ltd) and Professor Chris Kemp (CEO – Mind Over Matter Consultancy Ltd) who will be speaking with five key personnel at major venues, festivals and events about the effect that Covid19 is having on their workstreams, programmes and futures. These comprise Danielle Kennedy- Clark from the O2, Liam Boylan from Wembley Stadium, Sam Oldham from the Roundhouse in London, Pascal Viot from the Paleo Festival and Morten Therkildsen from Roskilde Festival.

Click here for more


[WEBINAR] Autocad for Events

Rupert Bassadone is following up on his first #SkillsSwap online event (see the bottom of the page) with this one, continuing on the AutoCad session.

Now branded The Event Knowledge (#TEK), Rupert will be focusing on CAD solely with this one.

It's happening on 3rd April at 2pm.

Register here


[CONFERENCE] Event Freelancer Summit

This Summit is FREE to attend and takes place on 22nd July 2020.

It's all online. 

'The Event Freelancer Summit is designed to inspire, educate and inform freelancers and companies in the events industry across the world.'

CLICK HERE to find out more and to register.


[WEBINAR] Event Associates with Prof. Keith Still

This webinar is entitled CV-19: Risk Mitigation and the Events Industry.

It costs £10 to attend.

It takes place on June 29th.