Event Management Planning

Your Event Management Plan is a key resource for your event. It doesn’t just sit on a shelf. It is the roadmap for your event. We are constantly developing & improving ours.

Key components

All our Event Management Plans follow a similar format, while detail changes from project to project. We know what’s important and what the key stakeholders need included. Here are some of the key components in your Event Management Plan.

Most events will have some level of impact on traffic locally. Larger events can require deployment of VMS, road closures, negotiation with the local authority and Gardai, staffing to ensure the plan is implemented and more.

On events like Flavours of Fingal, we've been so successful in planning and managing Transport Management at events that local authority clients have received calls from local residents thanking them for how little impact the event had on them.

It’s vital that transport arrangements are planned properly and outlined fully within your EMP.

Your Emergency Plan outlines the procedures to be adopted in the event of an emergency being declared at your event or somewhere nearby that has the potential to impact on the safety of those at your event. The potential for an emergency close to your event is what is often overlooked. This is particularly important when you run events in urban areas, CBDs and city centres. 

For instance, for events such as Dublin Pride we close roads on which foreign embassies are located. If there's a major incident in a country whose embassy is within our event site, then there will be a security cordon established immediately and our event will be significantly impacted.

Planning for emergencies is vital. Having a plan & the right people to implement it is important.

During normal operations, your Event Controller and Safety Officer have full responsibility for the operation of your event. They are in charge of all decision-making and dynamic alterations to the EMP.

Should an Major Emergency occur, then it may be necessary for this responsibility to pass to a senior member of An Garda Síochána or the Fire Service, for instance. This may involve the transfer of control for the entire event site or one area, for instance. It's key that this Transfer of Primacy is structured and documented. 

Your EMP must provide for this handover and reversal.

All events need a Medical Plan.

For smaller events, it might be quite simple. For larger events like SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon it can involve full temporary hospital builds, an on-site control room and more. It is vital that a competent & experienced person develops & implements the Medical Plan.

We work with a highly experienced and award-winning event medical supplier. Medical is too important to risk using inexperienced providers.

This element outlines the checks that will be performed, under the direction of your Safety Officer, pre-event, during the event and as your event ends.

This can be highly involved on large city-wide events, for instance, with multiple stages, viewing platforms, seating areas, minimum staffing levels etc. More often than not the licensing conditions for your event will include the completion of pre-event inspections and provision of relevant sign-offs to the licensing authority in advance of opening doors.

Similarly, events like the Irish Maritime Festival involve a wide range of necessary tests & inspections arising out of it taking place on an operational port and traditionally involving ferris wheels, multiple stages and structures and much more.

Your event has impacts. It is important to consider elements like noise levels, waste management and removal, sufficient sanitary facilities & provisions, restoration and more.

Your Event Management Plan needs to address these comprehensively from the outset as it is a key consideration for local authorities and from a compliance perspective.

For instance, when we run events like Fiestaval in Meeting House Square in Temple Bar there are set regulations with respect to DB levels for any type of musical performance. This is a key stipulation of hiring the event space.