IOSH 'Working Safely at Events'

This 1-day, IOSH-accredited, course is designed for people working in events who will benefit from an elementary understanding of safety, hazards and risks and our responsibilities on events.

The course involves an assessment, requiring a minimum score to pass & achieve certification from the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH).

We are delighted to offer this publicly in Ireland with our UK partner, Hopper. 

We have delivered this training in-house for several clients with the outcomes and feedback being universally positive. Some testimonials are included below. 



The course is designed to be enjoyable and instructive. 

It is delivered in a relaxed and interactive online setting through Zoom.

It has been developed by event professionals who specialise in Risk & Safety Management specifically for events as well as Event Management Lecturers and non-safety event professionals. 

It is not designed to produce Safety Officers for events, but rather to enable ALL of us working on events to contribute proactively - through our actions - to the general safety culture on events.  

It is a grounding in safety, hazards, risks and responsibilities, which should be of interest to everyone working in events. 

* You do not need any event safety experience in order to attend and benefit from this course.


Well worth doing. Brings it back home, how complacency can set in if you do not take the appropriate safety measures and how it can affect yourself and the company you are representing.


Course Outcomes

The course has specific learning outcomes, which have guided the content development.

Having passed this course:

  • You will have increased confidence to safely do your job on event sites and in venues.
  • You will have an enhanced awareness of the most common hazards and risks in our industry and allow you to operate knowing you are doing so safely, both for yourself and others that are potentially impacted by your actions. 
  • You will understand and be able to identify hazards and risks.
  • You will appreciate the interplay between likelihood and consequence.
  • You will know how to effectively complete a standard Risk Assessment. 

Ultimately, we hope that a wide range of non-safety professionals develop new skills and a greater comfort level around risk and safety for events.

That benefits everyone. 

Outcomes from an in-house course for a National Sporting Organisation taht we ran last year include:

All attendees passed the IOSH assessment with scores ranging from 86% to 98%.

35% increase in attendees' understanding of relevant Health & Safety Legislation, according to the attendees themselves.

37.5% increase in attendees' skill base for writing Risk Assessments , according to the attendees themselves.


Great training course. Achieved its goal of bringing our staff to the same level of knowledge.

Discussions and sharing of experiences through out the day was very beneficial.


Course Structure

The course runs for 1-day (approximately 8 hours) including generous breaks and includes a Mock Assessment. 

The course is arranged in 4 separate sections:

  1. Introducing Working Safely
  2. Defining Hazard & Risk
  3. Identifying Common Hazards
  4. Improving Safety Performance

Each section takes approximately 90 minutes to complete, which allows ample time for group discussion, debate and interaction throughout the day. 


Really worthwhile training. Great content. Good practical conversations.



The assessment is completed at the end of the day and lasts for 30 minutes

Questions are divided into Part A and Part B and you must achieve a minimum score in each Part to pass the course.

Once submitted to IOSH, and having achieved a passing grade, you will receive and IOSH 'Working Safely at Events' certificate within approximately 8 weeks. 


Supporting Resources

As part of the course, you will receive:

  • A standard Risk Assessment Matrix template
  • A standard Risk Assessment Worksheet template
  • Completed example of a Risk Assessment Worksheet
  • Completed Risk Assessment Worksheet with COVID-19 risk addressed
  • Access to a private LinkedIn Group exclusively for people who have passed the course

These resources will support the learning during the course and may support you in your event work long after the course. 


The training was delivered excellently in a manner that was very easy to understand and included true to life examples. The content was very relevant and gave a clear understanding of what is required from a Health, Safety & Welfare point of view.

My starting point was a very low level understanding of H&S. Now I feel more confident to be involved in this area having acquired a greater depth of knowledge.

I would highly recommend this training.


Key details

Please note:

  • Course runs from approx. 09:30 to 17:30 (time local to Dublin, Ireland) (GMT).
  • Multiple breaks plus a lunch break are included.
  • Course is delivered via Zoom.
  • Attendees must have functional microphones and cameras.
  • Attendees must have cameras switched on during the assessment element of the course.
  • Attendees must have access to email to receive and return the assessment.
  • Assessment will be emailed to attendees immediately prior to the assessment element of the course and attendees will return their completed assessment by email to complete the course. 


I have always held the view and continue to do so, that interactive training is critical for learning. These sessions were interactive and commanded the attention of the participants.