Risk Assessment

There is an element of risk in all events and wherever crowds gather. It is unavoidable. The key is to assess the hazards, establish the risks and ensure things are safe enough for the event to go ahead. Here’s how we approach Risk Assessments.

Site Visit Site Visit

We will always do a site visit. We can’t assess the hazards and risks for your event without actually being on site and seeing where you’re proposing to have it. Every site is different and presents different challenges.

Risk Assessment Worksheet Risk Assessment Worksheet

We will produce a Risk Assessment Worksheet that outlines everything that’s been considered and what we’ve put in place to address the risks. This forms a key element of your Event Management Plan.

Risk Mapping Risk Mapping

Risk at your event will change over time. The risk at the entrance when everyone is coming in is not the same as the risk there when everyone is inside. We map the risk over time at your event to ensure proper planning & management.

Consultation Consultation

Key stakeholders may hold important insights into the hazards, risks and risk assessment process for your event. We engage with them to ensure that the work we’re doing for you and your event is as informed as it can be.

Dynamic Risk Assessment

Things change. Irrespective of how well planned your event is, things will change. Having experienced people on the ground during your event to dynamically assess risks as they present is vital.

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