Our Process

We've a unique way of approaching what we do. It involves the combined experience & expertise of our Team and is underpinned by the science of crowds and our knowledge of events.

Immerse Immerse

The more we know about your event and what you’re trying to achieve, the better we can work with you to help you make it happen. We start off by sitting down with you and talking through everything.

Imagine Imagine

We bring all our collective experience and creativity to bear on your event. We consider any and all options that might bring your event safely to life. We’re not your typical ‘safety people’.

Iterate Iterate

We build models and explore options. We take time to look at all realistic potential approaches for your event and establish what can work and what can’t. We do this as many times as it takes. We don’t look for the easy answer. We look for the best answer.

Integrate Integrate

We run events ourselves. We’re not just safety people. Safety should underpin everything in your event but it shouldn’t be a burden or something scary. It just gets integrated into what you do and how you do it and your event is the better for it.


We will then put the plan into action with you. We won’t devise the solution and leave you to implement it yourself. Our experienced, qualified, trained and insured Team will be operational alongside you during the event.

Rotate your phone!

Once that’s done you’ll be able to experience the Safe Events website perfectly.